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Mark Pennrell Ok, I was asked to come up with my top ten favorite movies of all time. Thing is, I was only given one night to accomplish this. Not gonna happen. It would take me days to think back on all the films I've seen. Not to mention rationalizing my choices, there just ain't enough paper!

So what you see above are ten choices off the top of my head. Ten films that, if I were to come across on TV I would not be able to turn off. Even if they are cut up and full of commercials these movies produce a hold on my attention nothing short of computer porn. I've seen 'em dozens of times and could watch 'em dozens more.

Now then, the reason for this list.

Originally I was asked to write a paragraph about myself for this website. So after about a half hour of farting around and just plain trying to weasel out of it, we came up with this idea. Pretty shiny, huh?

Well, I've reviewed my list and have decided that I can actually kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Turns out this list really says a lot about me. Stick with me here.

Four of these films are what I would consider "ensemble pictures". That is to say that there really isn't any one main character but instead more of a group effort. These movies have a little something for everyone and in a way that is how I see myself. My interests are wide and varied and as a result I several different and distinct groups of friends.

Only two of my picks could be considered "action flix". This translates to my life in that I am not really a man of action and am in fact slow to rile. But the few who have managed to do so now have regrets.

Seven of these films are comedies and the remaining three, while not sharing in the genre, still have their moments. This says a lot about the kind of guy I am. I'm not exactly the class clown, but I do like attention. Of all the emotions there are I've got to say that the one most of these movies generate is my favorite. I have found, in my case anyway, that it's the easiest to produce and the most rewarding. In the future it will be my goal to emulate as broad a range of emotion as possible in any project I'm associated with. But comedy will always be my first love and go to emotion to make any scene work.

Finally it should be noted that only one of these pieces has any nudity in it, while seven have at least some cursing. It's not that I'm opposed to nudity. On the contrary there's a whole nuther list for that. I just don't see a situation where I'm going to need to use it in any future projects. As far as swearing is concerned... it is my belief that a word is just that. A word. It is a tool to be used in order to help tell a story. Refusal of using a certain word just because its "dirty" is like working on a car and not using a screw driver because it "offends you" in some manner. I don't want to climb up on a soap box here but I just believe we should be our own censors and not let public opinion make our choices for us.

In closing, I feel that there is an apology owed to you. So... I am truly sorry that you will never get back the five minutes it has taken you to read this. Maybe in the future you will be more careful with what you download.

Mark Pennell

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