Videography Services
Videography Services (Including Weddings, Graduations, Baptisms, Anniversaries, etc.)
Our trained staff will provide professional and discreet service for your event. Many packages are available that we are sure will fit you needs.

Training Videos/Commercials
We will work with you to develop a script that will perfectly represent your company or appropriately train your employees.

Whether it be home video of the kids, a graduation or a movie we will edit your existing footage and output it to a media of your choice.

Directing and Production
We will work with you to develop your script and take you through pre-production, production and post-production. We will provide a director, cast, crew and equipment to make your movie dreams into a reality.

VHS to DVD Transfer
We will take your old home video tapes and transfer them to DVD. DVD is a far superior technology to tape and allows you to store your precious memories for a lifetime.

Wedding Sample 01 - Low Resolution2:5310.8 MBWindows Media (.wmv)
Wedding Sample 01 - High Resolution2:5323.4 MBWindows Media (.wmv)
Wedding Sample 01 - Low Resolution2:5331.8 MBQuickTime Movie (.mov)
Wedding Sample 01 - High Resolution2:5362.6 MBQuickTime Movie (.mov)
Wedding Sample 02 - Low Resolution1:335.90 MBWindows Media (.wmv)
Wedding Sample 02 - High Resolution1:3312.5 MBWindows Media (.wmv)
Wedding Sample 02 - Low Resolution1:3321.8 MBQuickTime Movie (.mov)
Wedding Sample 02 - High Resolution1:3343.2 MBQuickTime Movie (.mov)
Pennsville Fireworks - Low Resolution2:334.92 MBWindows Media (.wmv)
Pennsville Fireworks - High Resolution2:3320.6 MBWindows Media (.wmv)
Pennsville Fireworks - Low Resolution2:3316.9 MBQuickTime Movie (.mov)
Pennsville Fireworks - High Resolution2:3333.0 MBQuickTime Movie (.mov)

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