"Soylent Pizza"
The local pizza establishment runs out of their special topping so they call a national pizza chain in to get ingredients to make more.

Written and Directed by: Mark Pennell
Produced by: Mark Pennell & Bryan M. Schaefer
Starring: Greg Harding
Charles Synclair
Ash Nixon
Mike Roman
Mark Pennell
Status: Complete

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The Making of Soylent Pizza
Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Looks impressive in print too. THE MAKING OF...
In reality, there isn't much to tell.

What you have witnessed, if you have viewed the "movie" in question, is just the product of tedium and boredom.

Once upon a time I worked for Little Caesars Pizza. About 6 years ago the owner of our franchise retired. The business was liquidated. I was out a job.

My crew and I were given two weeks notice.

Shortly after learning of this we decided to commemorate the end of our time there with an act of sheer frivolity. The idea took form over the next few days.

January 29'th 1999, Super bowl Sunday, busiest day of the year, and our last one open. We were good and ready to blow off steam at the end of that night. Soylent Pizza was the result of that release. There was not a single second take on any of the scenes filmed. If I am not mistaken the entire mess only took two or three hours to film. Most of it was made up on the fly. There was no script to speak of. We all had free reign in that area, I just told everyone what I wanted to happen. I have spent twice the amount of time in editing that we did shooting, and I am sure it shows.

The point I am trying to make is that there was not a whole hell of a lot of work that went into this project and I think it came out half decent. C-mon... admit it. If you've watched it I bet it got at least a couple of laughs out of you. The funny gags, stunning character development, stellar acting, and lets not forget those special effects.

At the end of the day I would have to say that all of the elements of the universe converged at just the right time, and the combination of talent and location were a match made in Heavenů or at least a match made in New Holland.

I'm going to stop patting myself on the back now. I wouldn't want it to take longer to read this than it would to view my opus... my baby... my masterpiece.

So in closing I would like to thank you for taking the time to see for yourself just how full of one's self one can get, and watching Soylent Pizza. Now go run out to tell your friends, and start eagerly awaiting my next work of art.

You know your gonna.

Mark Pennell, Producer / Director - Soylent Pizza.10/11/2005

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