"Who Drank My Beer?"
A member of the Philadelphia County Crime Scene Unit has found his last beer has been drunk and launches an investigation into who has drunk his beer.

Written and Directed by:
Bryan M. Schaefer

Story by: Bryan M. Schaefer, Peggy Schaefer & Mark Pennell
Produced by: Bryan M. Schaefer, Peggy Schaefer & Mark Pennell
Starring: John M. Grandizio
Richard Francisco III
Mark Pennell
Bryan M. Schaefer
Leo V. Young Jr.
Kate McKiernan
Melissa E. Pysher
Status: Complete

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About "Who Drank My Beer?"
Who Drank My Beer came about because I wanted to make a short movie for Kevin Smith's online short film contest, www.moviesaskew.com. I did not have any ideas for a script but I knew I wanted to tailor something to the contest. I racked my brain for weeks trying to come up with an idea for the script, but could not come up with anything. Finally one night while watching CSI my wife said why don't you make a movie about a crime scene investigator who investigates his friends to find out who drank his beer, and from there Who Drank My Beer was born.

The process of completing the film was a long and stressful but also one of the most worthwhile experiences of my life. While I had good knowledge of the principles of film making, using them on such a large scale with out the help of a large production staff was another story. I became writer, producer, director, actor, sound guy, lighting technician, camera man and any other position needed to keep the production running.

One of the major obstacles I had to overcome was getting my actors and crew to show up, either prepared, at the proper times or at all. The funniest instance was when one of my major actors, who I had told which character he would be playing, showed up thinking he was only going to be an extra. I asked him if he red my e-mail and he replied, "yeah, I skimmed through it," and then he said, "oh is that why only one of the characters lines are highlighted in red on my script."

The only other major issue I had with my actors was having to replace one of them. This was the one problem that really disrupted the flow of shooting because when we replaced him we had already shot much of the movie and only had about two more weekends of filming left. This caused nothing but frustration for myself and everyone one else working on the project.

When we shot the outdoor scenes it was early fall and in order to keep continuity between the scenes we had to wait 6 months to reshoot the outdoor scenes we needed to finish the movie. When we finally finished the reshoot all of the scenes that worked so well the first time around didn't hit the mark the second time. Yes, in the final cut they look okay and move the plot along appropriately, but I still can't help wondering if the movie would have been better if we were able to use the originals.

When all is said and done I still love the movie and the experience and the crew that helped me put it together and all I can hope is that we keep building on each project making the next one better then the one prior.

Thank You,
Bryan M. Schaefer

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