"Whoz-A-Miluca's" Commercial 1
A drunk finds the answer to the important questions.

Written by: Bryan M. Schaefer
Story by: Peggy Schaefer & Bryan M. Schaefer
Produced by: Bryan M. Schaefer & Peggy Schaefer
Starring: Craig Keiner
Kim Schaefer Sr.
Doris Martin
Anthony Schaefer
Status: Complete

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About "Whoz-A-Miluca's"
The development of the first Whoz-A-Milucas commercial was a direct result of the creation of Whoz-A-Milucas beer for the short movie Who Drank My beer. We had created the commercial solely to be used in the movie and never intended it to stand alone. The next thing we knew Whoz-A-Milucas had taken on a life of its own. We began coming up with ideas for new beers and new commercials for those new beers. Not that Whoz-A-Milucas is a real beer or ever will be a real beer, but it could be and we figured why not use this fictional product to display our talents. It has even gone so far that Mark is now writing a feature length script about Whoz-A-Milucas beer and the owners search to create good advertising. So look for more Whoz-A-Milucas commercials to be premiering in the future and hey maybe some day your bartender will respond to your hail for a beer with, "Aps-A-Milutly."

"Whoz-A-Miluca's" Commercial 2
Taking home the left over that is truly important from a restaurant.

Written by: Bryan M. Schaefer
Story by: Mark Pennell
Produced by: Bryan M. Schaefer & Mark Pennell
Status: Currently in preproduction
Estimated release date: January 2006

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